About us

CarInsuranceGroups.co.uk has served UK motorists for over 9 years, providing simple, intuitive insurance group search along with helpful guides and tips on cutting the cost of insurance.

The founders of CarInsuranceGroups.co.uk have had exposure to decades of insurance industry experience and have worked with the very best in the business - with a specific focus on motor insurance. This includes helping launch and grow an innovative new car insurance brand in the UK focused on young drivers in particular.

It's segments of the population like this - as well as students, older drivers and those with convictions - that often have most to gain from making a smart choice of car. This is because they are considered high-risk from the start, and the compounding effect of choosing a high-group car can add hundreds if not thousands of pounds to their annual insurance premium.

With this in mind, CarInsuranceGroups.co.uk was created to help UK motorists from all walks of life understand how insurance works, with particular focus on choosing the right car. From this basis, we're then able to offer wide-ranging advice on all parts of the automotive insurance industry, busting myths and speaking with an insider perspective on how to make your car insurance work best for you.