Tesco Bank Car Insurance

Tesco Bank's Car Insurance has been a popular choice amongst UK motorists for some years now - over a million customers are insured with Tesco across home, pet and car cover.

It certainly helps that the brand is very well recognised and trusted nationwide. It also has a good reputation for offering low cost goods and servies.

Those with Tesco Bank Car Insurance policies could also benefit from a number of perks, including Clubcard holder discounts, potential for protection on no claims discount, 24-hour UK-based helpline and quick, easy online account management.

While some black box insurers will adjust your price mid-term (i.e. during the year), Ticker waits until renewal. The idea is that if you've driven well, you'll be offered a decent renewal price.

Tesco Bank car insurance at a glance

Black Box:Optional - Box Insurance or Standard Insurance
Licenses covered:Provisional; Full Licence
Underwriters:Tesco Underwriting Ltd, AXA UK plc, Aviva Insurance Ltd, Sabre Insurance Company Ltd, Zenith Insurance plc

Last updated: 25th March 2019