Ticker Car Insurance

Ticker is a car insurance provider that launched to the market in March 2019. It's another black box car insurance offering, in this case with a focus on new/young drivers and van drivers. (Prefer no black box? Find out more here)

Given that Ticker is so new, you might be wondering whether you can trust them. Well, the early signs are good - the company has been launched by insurance industry veterans, including the team that launched successful young driver insurance broker Ingenie. Ticker is also backed by insurance titan Munich Re, and has a host of celebrity investors. Whether the substance will match the style remains to be seen - but Ticker certainly doesn't look like a fly-by-night operation. Far from it.

As is standard with practically all black box policies, Ticker offers a mobile app that lets you view your driving performance, stats mileage and other helpful info.

While some black box insurers will adjust your price mid-term (i.e. during the year), Ticker waits until renewal. The idea is that if you've driven well, you'll be offered a decent renewal price.

Ticker car insurance at a glance

Black Box:Yes - Bluetooth device sticks to windscreen
App:Yes - iOS & Android
Licenses covered:Provisional; Full Licence
Address:The Stables, Peper Harow Park, Godalming, Surrey, GU8 6BD

Last updated: 25th March 2019