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In this section you'll find a list of cars in insurance group 50 of 50. The tables below contain insurance group fifty cars, ordered by manufacturer. We've grouped specific models together to make things easier for you to browse. Group 50 cars are among the most expensive to insure, usually because of large engines and high performance. Certainly not recommended for most young drivers!



VXR8 Insurance group 50
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Vauxhall Vxr8 (420)
6 litre - 4 door (2007-2008)
Vauxhall Vxr8 (430)
6.2 litre - 4 door (-2008)
Vauxhall Vxr8 Bathurst (430)
6.2 litre - 4 door (-2009)
Vauxhall Vxr8 Bathurst S (580)
6.2 litre - 4 door (-2009)


Phaeton Insurance group 50
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Volkswagen Phaeton W12 (450) 4Motion Lwb
6 litre - 4 door (-2005)

Cars in low insurance groups

Our car insurance group search tool is useful when you have a specific model in mind, but sometimes you're looking for inspiration on low group vehicles. That's why we've put together the following list of 6 popular cars that are cheap to insure. Check out Autotrader if you want to check prices on them.

Popular cars in low insurance groups

Car insurance groups explained

  1. 1 Independent testing company Thatcham puts new cars through their paces
  2. 2 Impact performance, damage costs, repairability, theft prevention and other factors are tested
  3. 3 A group number from 1-50 is assigned, which car insurance companies use to help set the price of your quote. 1 is cheaper, 50 is pricey!