Black box insurance recommended for young drivers by Transport Secretary Justine Greening

Everyone knows that car insurance is expensive if you’re young. The problem has only been growing in recent years, but the emergence of ‘black box’ insurance policies in the past 6-18 months has offered a glimmer of hope.

Transport Secretary Justine Greening has drawn attention to these telematics-based insurers this week, suggesting the technology will be a major tool in getting motor insurance costs under control.

“There is no getting away from it: the cost of car insurance is bearing increasingly little relationship to the real world.’ The average motor insurance bill today is £410 – a 17 per cent rise on last year. The average premiums for young drivers are £2,977 for a young male driver and £1,682 for a female,” said Justine Greening.

Greening was not convinced by the idea of using curfews, but instead focused on the ability of black box insurance policies to improve driving behaviour among our young road users.

The best start you can make as a young driver is ensuring you’ve chosen the right car. You can use our Insurance Group checker to find cars in lower groups, giving you more chance of finding cover that you can afford.

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